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Community outreach services

Waikato District libraries provides services for residential and educational groups that may not be able to visit our libraries in person’.

Services for schools and preschools

Our libraries can offer the following services to schools and preschools in our district.

Teachers are welcome to contact their nearest library to find out more. Please note: not all services may be available at all sites.

  • Hosting schools and preschools – we welcome visits from schools and preschools. Please contact us in advance of your planned visit.
  • School library cards – schools and preschools can set up a library card to check out items.
  • Book drop off/pickup - Library staff can organise items based around curriculum requirements. Please give some notice to allow items to be gathered. Depending on your location, it may be possible to arrange a pickup and drop off service to deliver library items to your school.

Digital library memberships for schools – we can set up digital-only library cards to allow students to access the library’s digital collections (eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines) offsite. These library cards do not require any proof of address or ID. Digital items are returned automatically and do not accrue charges’.

Rest homes

We welcome rest homes in our district to set up a library membership and check out items for your residents to enjoy.

We may be able to organise a drop off and pick up service from your location. Library staff can select items based on the recommendations and preferences of your residents.

Please contact your nearest library to learn more.